i like to think that i keep myself pretty up to date and on trend with the latest in fashion news and trends that occur and are a spoken-about topic.

i may not agree with what is trending at that moment (matrix, latex, dominatrix anyone?) but i do like to keep informed about the creative industry around me.

As we know, fashion is unpredictable and wonderful but often your catwalk trends very not very practical.

However, we interpret these and make them more wearable and adaptable to our day to day closets.

Of course there are some trends that possess the ability to be transformed directly into something that is in fact wearable and very durable in a very fashion flux sort of way. But often the not, we admire the trend, dream about wearing the trend, and then move on from the trend.

So this i pose. What do you make of this?

Personally i love the look, in a creepy sort of manner. The epitome of beauty. However, i dont think i will ever attempt this look when applying my make up for an event.

So where to draw the fashion line?

Often this subject of talk is spoken about in your fashion magazines, such as ELLE Magazine (I.e. my bible) and other sorts of course. As a result, you find yourself, the consumer, questioning this exact dilemma.

And so this is the perfect example of this said dilemma.

Would you wear it?

What would you do?


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