Denim works wonders

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Details are everything

Socks and Brogues

Hello Bowtie and brogues combo

i am fascinated by mens wear. And the reason being, the minute a male dressed to the nines walks past, you immediately take note of his attire.

Although many acclaim that it is far easier for the male to dress himself then the woman, it takes a lot for the male to look exceptional in his attire.

Luckily my male has no problemo in this department (but that’s beside the point)

There is nothing more lovely then a man who knows how to dress, how to wear a great pair of socks and shoes that accentuate the match, and knows how to wear a jumper to fit.

Bowties and blazers is another obsession and nothing beats a white collared shirt.

Yes, there is pleasure in a man’s style and i, for one, am an appreciative of this quality.

So here’s to the power of dressing immaculately. Both male and female.

Images: tumblr.com; carolinesmode.com; thesatoriliast.blogspot.com


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