Here’s to another celebration of black and white.

What i love about this photograph is that it literally shows it’s age in the texture of the photo.

Then of course there’s the actual magnificence of the photograph that lies in the contents itself.

i just love every element in this photograph and the simple, yet wonderfulness of it all.

Looking at the image there is nothing fancy going on here, no extraordinary lighting, nothing fancy in it’s background. Just a simple figurine, great shadows, and a horizon.

What i also love so much is that the model’s front is turned away from the viewer, thus we only see the back of her (and you take note of the halo light surrounding her braid). But one is still able to appreciate and admire not only the beauty of the photograph, but also the beauty of the model itself.

This retro black and white just does it for me.

Source: thefeisityobserver.tumblr.com


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