In case you have not picked this up by now, i shall state the obvious. i absolutely over-adore black and white imagery.

So when most of my ‘Images of the day’ consist of black and white numbers, do not question or become curious.

i guess it has something to do with lighting and beauty and how, although there is a complete lack of pure colour, the true essence of the subject still stands out and leaves the viewer in awe.

This is a perfect example of such a thing.

This photograph is spectacular and i can’t get enough of the sunlight streaming through in this photograph.

The model’s wispy hair illuminated by sunlight creates beauty within the picture. And although there are three models in this photograph (apart from the fact that the one closest to the eye is the focal point), the viewer does not even take note of the other two because of the positioning of light.

i just can’t get enough of this image.

Spectacular in sunlight.

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