Elin Kling takes today’s look of the day.

You will probably notice that these posts include a lot of winter wear, because well, this is my latest obsession in the winter season.

Canny isn’t it.

And so, back to the (fursome) outfit for today’s eyes.

This is what my winter wardrobe is heading towards.

Simplicity in layers and texture.

Everything about this screams Yes.

Bolero, aviator leather coat rimmed in fur (hoping it’s faux), with a hint of chiffon sleeves popping through.

(i am obsessed with chiffon, and my collection keeps growing. Second hand/ thrift stores are your best place to find such wonders)

Then we have the simplicity of a black skinny jean and low rise, low key biker boots to add.

Gosh, this outfit makes my heart sing.

Perfection some may call.

i definitely do.


Source: google.com

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