i don’t know whether it’s the lack of sun rays on my skin, or whether it’s my desire for summer passion, but i am absolutely loving my summer vibes at the moment (In South Africa it’s winter time).

And this latest lookbook by Planet Blue is just scrumptious.

Loving the pops of colour and floral time fun, pinacolades and all things yum.

Love the bold jewellery, contrasts and combinations.

Love the bold jewellery, c

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Yes, yes, i do realise that this Lookbook from Planet Blue is a tad outdated in months, however, i do love it so.

Therefore, it is imperative that it makes an appearance.

It has been in my archives for quite some time, so forgive my blogness, if it has appeared in a snippet before.

Please take note of that AMAZING (Penny voice from Happy Endings) jewellery used through out.

More Planet Blue to followwwww.

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This is really stunning.

i love the use of floral and paisley.

It’s a nice change and break from the overload of tribal, aztec and boho that seems to be streaming the web pages and the likes of lovely blogs these days.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m a huge lover of all the above, but this little break is beautiful.

Novella Royale’s latest lookbook.

Source: studdedhearts.blogspot.com